Join Us

Adjutor is a web portal where you can list the details of the training you provide. Clients can browse through the courses, view your availability and book courses with you. When a client books a course you'll receive either an email or text message (you choice) to alert you to the request.

Training providers are not expected to be exclusive to Adjutor. Training Providers are free to develop their own business relationships. When a course is arranged through Adjutor the training provider will be charged 10% of their fee.

We will accept training providers that deliver the same courses as those already listed in Adjutor. Where two or more training providers deliver the same course they are required to agree on the contents of the course to avoid multiple instances of a course. Adjutor regards the possibility of multiple Training Providers of a course as a positive issue – it facilitates coverage during absence (holidays, sickness etc.)

What we need from you:
  • 2 References from previous clients
  • Your Contact details
  • Copies of relevant certificates and/or proof of experience in your field
  • Your Agreement to allow a member of the Adjutor team to sit-in on a training session
  • A Biography (and photograph) for clients to view
Once you join us you must:
  • Commit to maintaining your availability/calendar
  • Commit to the Adjutor Quality system
  • Permit us to disclose your contact details to registered clients (this does not include your address).
What we will provide:
  • Potential client access to your details and courses
  • The facility for clients to book courses with you
  • Use of our quality system
  • Access to feedback forms, documents etc.
  • Web access to add and manage course details and supporting documents
What we need to know about your courses:
  • Title
  • Description
  • List of Topics
  • Course specification (what the learner will achieve etc.)
  • Course duration (number of days), the start and finish times